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The YU team does not have a traditional consulting approach. We have first hand experience in executive roles in a wide range of sectors that we share with our clients and allow us to transfer best practices between different sectors. We maximise the use of internal resources and knowledge of our clients which is not only minimising costs but significantly increasing acceptance in the organisation and ensuring an effective and sustainable implementation.

Our four strategy principles are:

  1. A clear definition of a low number of goals
  2. Strategies have to be developed with a clear understanding of needs and expectations of external stakeholders
  3. The need of positively attributed differentiators in the view of these stakeholders in comparison to competitors
  4. The requirement of an enabling operational framework.

Crisis Management

We have experienced and overcome many crises: losing key customers, whistleblower affairs, organisational challenges, difficult negotiations, plagiarism by competitors and many more.

An external and non-emotional perspective and previous experience are often very helpful to overcome challenges.

There is always a solution and way forward. Let us find it together.

Institutional Analytics & Planning

We offer comprehensive support to institutions and enterprises in identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are critical to monitoring their performance and making evidence-based decisions and plans.

We leverage cutting-edge analytics tools to create intuitive and visually appealing dashboards and reporting tools that provide easy access to actionable insights and data.

Our state-of-the-art analytical solutions are designed to help to stay ahead of the curve and achieve strategic objectives.

Governing and Advisory Boards

We are experienced innovation executives and well connected in a diverse range of industry sectors globally.

We could provide not only management and leadership skills but innovation and technology expertise to your boards.