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YU Training & Coaching shares and translates practical professional experience and enables participants to improve their performance and achieve their goals.



Standard training can be delivered to small and large groups in a 1hr delivery training or half day interactive sessions.


Selected trainings are :

Effective and Sustainable Strategies

The training provides an introduction to the essence and basic principles of strategy tools and the strategy developing process. The participants learn to set their goals, the need and tools to identify or develop Unique Selling Points (the Why You) and strategic options, and the role of risk management for strategies.

What’s a Business Innovation?

For commercialisation activities and engagements with industry partners, it is crucial to understand that customers and companies are seeking a solution to an unmet need rather than a novelty or a research outcome.  The training outlines the principles of a Business Innovation, the often-required interdisciplinary approach, and the dependency of the success on time, location, the environment and an economy of scale. Participants will learn about approaches and tools to develop and offer a business innovation.

The 360 Leadership Approach

360 Leadership describes the need in flat and agile organisations to be a leader not only for your team but leading your colleagues horizontally and leading your line manager. The training differentiates Leaders and Managers and leadership styles, shares good leadership principles from own experience and highlights the importance of communication as a leadership tool.

How to use your time wisely

Good time management requires an understanding of the difference between effectiveness and efficiency, evidence based prioritisation, strategic decision making and effective delegation skills. The training provides management tools and practical recommendations that can easily and immediately be applied into work routines.

Establishing sustainable partnerships with mutual benefits

Participants will learn how to engage and create sustainable collaboration with mutual benefits for both sides. Crucial elements are to understand intention and expectation of both parties, understand the sector landscape (market analysis), identify and assess potential partners (portfolio analysis), find joint a mission and goals (goal setting), define the roles of the partners (collaboration model), the options to approach them (access management) and learn about success factors for sustainable collaborations (operating and governance model).

Training can be tailored to demand and needs. Contact us to jointly develop the best training concept together.



YU defines coaching as the combination of training and mentoring. The evidence based coaching program is focussed on the development of strategies to define your individual success factors and to develop your management and 360 leadership skills to achieve and exploit them. The coaching follows the 6 step DASCIC process.

Training plus Coaching


The combination of small group training (learning) with individual coaching (learning by doing) ensures the highest translation level from learned skills to individual day to day needs.  It is recommended to offer complementary situational deep dive coaching on demand to support participants in critical situations