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Academic institutions, academics and entrepreneurs are expected to achieve their goals in highly competitive ecosystems while very often not being trained or supported to do so. YU supports the development of the ”why you!” as the principle to achieve their goals.


Your goals may be to create impact, get a grant or other external funding, be published or promoted, expand lab space, be selected as a collaborator, be chosen as a partner by industry or a social enterprise or by students to become their supervisors?

YU supports you to achieve your goals by identifying and developing individual differentiators to become the academic of choice.


Try to recruit the best students? Increase engagement of your institute? Develop interdisciplinary research programs with impact?  Aim to attract rock stars and emerging academic talent? Developing a strategy and an institutional reporting system? 

YU has experience in developing institutional strategies, academic frameworks, mission-driven and  outcome focused research schemes and innovative academic development programs to become the leading institutes in your field. We support the selection of effective measurables and the development of dashboards to provide information for evidence-based decision making, control outcomes and ease of reporting.


Developing markets? Building a customer base? Seeking funding from investors? Looking for collaborators and partners? Developing your organisation?

YU enables the positioning of your start-up to be the stand-out in competitive markets,to attract investors and to develop your high performance organisation.